Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chapter-25 Hiatus is over? (Sort of)


I'm back after months of hiatus.

I know my fans are dying for my return (Haha..narcissistic much?), so here it is !


Everything is as usual for the past months ( I noticed my last post is on 18th September, which is exactly 2 months ago)..wake up for school, go to school, come back from school, do schoolwork, online for awhile, then off to bed..the process repeats again..

Talk about a boring routine..

Too bad-I don't not much inspiration nowadays. Hmmm....sad case.

But the thing that keeps this blog moving is of course, you guys..MAI FANS!

Therefore, give yourselves A big clap. THANK YOOOO SOOO MUCCHH

In order not to disappoint you guys, I've injecting myself with ISH ( Inspiration-Stimulating Hormone) and the result is much anticipated. cool is that?

And for you who asked me personally to blog again, I'm truly touched! Do visit more often, you hear?

Alrighty folks, that's about it for today! More interesting stuff coming soon!

Pandemica here, signing off.



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